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Q: How do I get rid of animals in my attic?


A: The simple answer on how to get rid of a animal in the attic is to hire a professional animal removal and control company. Attic work is very dangerous because the possibility of stepping through a ceiling is very high. Add a very aggressive animal like a squirrel or raccoon to the mix and you have a recipe for disaster. Call an expert from our list of professionals.


Q: How do I get rid of snakes under my house?


A: This is one of the hardest jobs that a animal removal company can tackle. Snake removal and control is a very delicate process that often requires the use of chemicals to kill rats or mice to completely solve the problem of getting rid of snakes from under a house. The best way to solve this problem is to completely control the food source that the snake is eating.


Q: How much does it cost to trap squirrels


A: How much does it cost to trap squirrels is the number one email we get in the spring. This is when homeowners are having many problems with squirrels in their attic and squirrels doing damage to homes and insulation. This is a complex problem and often requires the help of a professional. 


Q: What type of wildlife sleeps under houses?


A: What type of wildlife sleeps under houses is a interesting question and one that offers no simple answer. The possibilities are endless for what animal could possibly be there. It varies with the part of the country you are in. It could be a raccoon, opossum or coyote or even a badger. Whatever type of animal it is should not be allowed to stay and the animal removal process should be started as soon as possible.



Q: Why do squirrels dig in my yard?


A: Why are squirrels digging in my yard is a very common question that gets emailed to us a lot in the late winter of the year. The reason the squirrels dig in the yard is a attempt to find nuts or other food source that was buried in the ground in the fall or early winter of the year. Squirrels can do a lot of damage to a yard if they are permitted to keep digging for food caches.


Q: Why do raccoons turn over my trash can?


A: Why Do raccoons turn over my trash can is often asked by people in the city. This is where natural food sources for raccoons is in very high demand. Raccoons will deplete its natural food source very quickly and will push the animal to supplement their diet with unnatural food from sources such as trash cans, cat doors, and other sources.


Q: I hear scratching noises in my attic, what is it?


A: This is a two part question. I hear scratching noises in my attic is a common complaint that most homeowners have in the spring or fall of the year. This is the time of year that squirrels and raccoons are having babies. The scratching that you hear could possibly be a mother squirrel getting ready to have babies or even possibly a female raccoon getting ready to have raccoon babies. Also, it is very common to hear scratching in your attic or walls from rats and mice.


Q: What digs holes in yards?


A: What digs holes in yards is a question that often comes up a lot in the summer time, or maybe even in the fall of the year. This question usually comes up when a raccoon is causing damage to yards. The raccoons are doing the damage in a attempt to find grubs or food. This is a common food source for raccoons and one they will destroy a yard to find and enjoy.


Q: What causes brown spots on ceilings?


A: What causes brown spots on ceilings is a very common question we get when we are doing a animal removal from an attic area of a home. The brown spots on the ceiling is either water that has leaked in from a hole that the animal has possibly made in your roof or it could also be urine from the animal. Animals will use the bathroom in the same place over and over until the ceiling becomes saturated and discolors.



Q: Do animals contaminate and destroy insulation?


A: Animals will tear up, contaminate and destroy insulation. It is estimated that over 10 million dollars in insurance claims are filled each year from the damage that squirrels and raccoons do to attic insulation. They destroy your insulation which can also raise your heating bill considerably.

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